Aim high and hold yourself accountable. No one is going to give you success, you need to earn it.

I am first a mother to my awesome gymnast daughter and my super supportive hubby. We have lots of fun together and we keep each other on our toes! When I had my daughter my husband and I decided I would stay home with her, which also allowed me to finish my Bachelor's degree. After graduating with a degree in Elementary Education, I decided teaching children was not my passion. Sometimes I think it takes experiencing something to find if you truly enjoy it. This was the case for me and what I found was that I liked one on one teaching, but not leading a classroom of elementary students. I ended up finding an entry level role in Recruiting for a global investment bank. I was able to help people come on-board, talk to students about the bank, and recruit them to join our company. I loved that I was able to help people in such a transition period in their life. This role led to many experiences in Human Resources including campus and professional recruiting and HR Generalist work. Through this work and a Master's in Human Resources, I have gained tons of knowledge to help you in your career because I have seen what it takes to land the offer and the skills you need to climb the ladder. I am so excited to help you in your journey to success, wherever that may lead.