Aim high and hold yourself accountable. No one is going to give you success, you need to earn it.

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Who am I?

As a working mom, I am always looking for ways to balance my work life and my home life. I am super ambitious and have always had a mindset that I needed to work hard.

Being the best at what I do has been a must for me. I also want to be a great mom, who is present in my daughter's life. Add in spending time with my awesome husband and great friends and it is a constant juggle! 

I believe we can design a career that will allow us to live a life we are happy with. It will be different for everyone and everyone can achieve it.

I have a BA in Elementary Education and love to help people. I decided my passion was not in a school and started my career with an entry level role in Recruiting for a global investment bank. I was able to help people come on-board, talk to students about the bank, and recruit them to join our company.

I loved that I was able to help people in such a transition period in their life. This role led to many experiences in Human Resources including campus and professional recruiting and HR Generalist work.

Through this work and a Master's in Human Resources, I have gained tons of knowledge to help you in your career because I have seen what it takes to land the offer and the skills you need to climb the ladder.

I am so excited to help you in your journey to design a career that works for your life!

My Family :)

Your new career is waiting.

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