5 Quick Tips to Get The Offer

 Job hunting is something everyone has to experience. It’s a part of everyday life. The incredible news is that we have an abundance of supportive data that enables us to do our best in getting that next gig. On the flip side, there can be so much information that it overwhelms us and can will even start to contradict itself!


The incongruity of job search advice: There's so much advice out there, you don't need to search for more than four seconds before you arrive on some piece of knowledge or another. As solid as the tech employment market seems to be, software engineering graduates still face difficulties during their progress into this present reality. While managers prize their education, they can be suspicious of an apparent absence of practical experience and business skills with respect to individuals searching for their first real job.


Here are the best, simple tips from manpower recruitment services:


1. Tell People You Are Looking

Spread the news and let individuals in your system realize that you are searching for a job. You never know – work leads and referrals can emerge out of the most unlikely sources. You may come across someone who has data about a vacant position or has a connection with a hiring manager.

Reach out to your network and have coffee with people you haven’t caught up with in awhile. Ask your parents to let their friends know you are looking. A big network is a huge plus when you are in the job market. A loose connection can open doors for you that would have been impossible before.

2. Concentrate On The Job Role You Want

If you're applying through an online application, chances are that your resume will experience a modernized screening process. Try not to give the framework a chance to beat you by hurling out your application during the underlying screening process. Read the job description, including the expected set of responsibilities. Attempt to imitate the words and expressions in the description. This will help your resume show up in the algorithm of the Applicant Tracking System.

 Be careful not to take it too far. If you don’t have the experience listed on the job description, don’t make it up. Employers do check this information. If you are caught in a lie during the on-boarding process, your offer will be rescinded.

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3. Go Beyond The Application

Simply applying to a job without any other effort, is not likely to get you an interview. The truth is, many times you may not even be considered. It all depends on what stage the recruiter is in when you apply. Adopt a proactive strategy and connect with an employee of the company via LinkedIn. Even better, if you have any connections already working at that organization, ask them to refer you.

Leaders love meeting individuals who come through referrals. They will often consider them before they begin dealing with the mass of resumes that they are presented from the ATS. Managers like having the added benefit of someone vouching for a candidate.


4. Stand Out

So what makes you different from the hundreds of other applicants applying for the position? Keep in mind that you can't drill your way into work. Rather than attempting to locate the right response to each question, think of one of a kind answers. The competitors destined to get employed are the ones who stick out.

In case you're an incognito job searcher, make sure to hide your action communications (inside protection and settings) in your LinkedIn profile. If you are working on your profile, don’t broadcast these changes to your audience. If your manager or colleagues are connected to you, they may get suspicious with all the updates.


5. Show Your Appreciation

So let’s say you made it past the application and screening process and aced rounds of overwhelming meetings just to lose out on the offer? It can happen to the best of applicants! One thing that is expected from applicants is the thank you note. Not sending one could be the difference between you and another candidate landing the job.

Along these lines, set aside some effort to compose sincere cards to say thanks. Send them out to the interview team to let them know you appreciate their time and express your interest in the role. This easy gesture will demonstrate that you really value their time and are a good teammate. 


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