How To Decide If An Engineering Career Is For You

Starting Your Engineering Career

When it comes to being a successful engineer, you're going to need to be good at quite a few things. just being good at science, math or even programming isn’t going to be enough.

It doesn’t matter if you've graduated 20 years ago or even just a couple months ago, there are several strategies and tips that you can take on in order to increase your advancement opportunities within this field.

Let's dive in as we get into the best career advancement tips from TRS Staffing that engineers of any discipline can take full advantage of while staying on a career oriented path!

Photo by   Skitterphoto   from   Pexels

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

Get To Learn The Bigger Picture

Firstly, this one might be quite the eye opener for you. But within the engineering world, firms are hunting for those who can wrap their brain around the business aspect and think like a fully seasoned business man or woman.

This just simply means that they are fond of engineers who've been actively involved with planning, playing the strategy game and even dealing with income statements and balancing those sheets.

In essence, all engineers should have a proper understanding of how their company's total cost affects products after making business decisions.

Think Outside The Box

Another important strategy to get ahead of the game is by thinking outside your typical discipline box. So, even if you're a trained Mechanical Engineer, you're still going to need to know the core aspects of either software or even embedded electronics due to the diversity of today's industry and products.

While you may not have encountered certain situations yet, you're going to eventually be faced with a design confrontation that's going to fall way out of your field. So, be sure to understand and learn the basics of other engineering fields such as software and electronics which come in very handy!

Become A Team Player

Product development runs on some of the most collaborative designs of today. as a result, several teams are expanding in order to incorporate more people that aren't typically found within the engineering world.

This means several disciplines are now coming together in order to resolve some of the most challenging aspects with a series of well thought out solutions.

With that said, you're going to need to brush up on one of your softer skills known as communication; this will ensure that you can communicate effectively with others.

Become Innovative

While you work hard to create a name for yourself, your company will only grow when innovation is used to create a line of new products. This creativity will surely set you apart from the rest.

be open to new solutions and ideas from within your group, collaboration is a great way to come up with amazing ideas. Be on the look out for those who run with the mindset of not allowing employees to be creative and contribute. Most of the time, engineers are rewarded for their ideas no matter how they came about.

Be An Active Alum 

Networking and keeping in touch with your alma mater, as you actively participate in technical societies can significantly increase reach. So, whether it might be organising a session or even writing a technical paper, it gains you more reach into the world of engineering. And it is great for enhancing your experience along with your organisation's reputation. 

Don't Stop Learning

One of the best things that you're ever going to do is continue learning. And this is due to the fact that analysis and design changes quite rapidly. So, be sure to stay ahead and find new assignments as well as opportunities for technical advancement and you'll even be able to take advantage of company-paid benefits for education. With that said, don't forget to attend related events carried out by the relevant societies. 

Actively Work On Your Soft Skills

In order to properly advance, you're going to need to work on both verbal and written communication. So, if you're planning on heading into management, you'll need to be comfortable dealing with not only customers but also suppliers as you conduct presentations and other sessions. And if you're looking to make a step into this direction, you can check out Toastmasters International as you take a dip into public speaking!

Engineering is a career that can keep your mind engaged while rewarding you with a great paycheck! According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, “Employment of engineers is projected to grow 4.0 percent from 2014 to 2024, adding about 65,000 new jobs. Among engineering specialties, several are projected to grow even faster than the 4-percent growth for engineers or the 6.5-percent growth for all occupations: biomedical engineers (23.1 percent), environmental engineers (12.4 percent), and civil engineers (8.4 percent).”