AI can Improve Students' Educational Experience

Artificial intelligence or AI has been improving over the last few years. This technology has helped a number of aspects of society and it can also help students. The following are some ways AI can be used in the classroom, no matter if it is a physical or in an online class.

AI Student Experience.png

The Thinkster Math App

Many people are going back to school by taking online diploma courses or by attending a school physically. Going back to school can be hard, especially for those who are weak in certain areas such as mathematics. AI experts created Thinkster Math, which is an intuitive tutoring app that helps by personalizing tutoring sessions.


The app connects the student to the tutor. The app allows the tutor to follow a student's train of thought using a shared screen. The AI technology presents the student with a few problems and analyzes the student's work in real time. Mistakes in mathematical logic are highlighted and re-explained.

Consider Brainly

Brainly is a social media platform that focuses on classroom-related questions. It seems that the program uses algorithms to help remove spam, which could confuse some students. The point of this AI-based app is to give students a platform where they can post homework questions. The students who post questions are notified the moment answers come in. The answers come from verified students to ensure that all information is accurate. It should be noted that the site inspects answers and helps students come up with answers should there be any errors, which the AI picks up on.

Get More From Content Tech Inc.

One issue that many students face is the universal textbook problem. Each student is different and requires information to be presented to them in different ways so that they understand it. The problem is that textbooks are all the same, which may not be effective for every student. Content Technologies Inc has created an AI program to help address this issue. The program uses deep learning software to customize each textbook so that the information is presented in a personalized way, which may make understanding better. Teachers can use this application as well to help not only personalize textbooks but also coursework by simply uploading the syllabus.

Get Ahead With Mika

Mika is another AI-based app created by Carnegie Learning. The app's main purpose is to tutor young minds and help bring clarity. It can be hard to find a tutor, and things get even dicier the moment you try to schedule time together. This is an issue that many students deal with, even online students. You do not have to worry about that by simply opting to use Mika. The app uses AI to match you with available tutors and works around both schedules, so you get to collaborate without all the hassle. The lessons taught to the student through the app are personalized as the app continues to learn more and more about the student.

Moving Forward With Netex

Netex Learning is an AI program that helps teachers be more helpful to their online students. The program helps teachers design their entire curriculum online. This curriculum is going to be available to students, no matter the device. Part of what makes this program special is that it is designed to help teachers regardless of their experience with computers. The site is going to help teachers upload several types of interactive teaching tools such as audio, video, and self-assessment assignments into their classroom. All these materials will become available to the students, which makes things a lot easier for everyone.


There is no denying that the power of AI is changing things in the classroom. Both students and teachers need to take advantage of this type of technology as it attempts to take learning to a whole new level.