A Big Data Analytics Career Is Perfect for Curious Introverts

A Big Data Analytics Career Is Perfect for Curious Introverts.png

A Big Data Analytics Career Is Perfect for Curious Introverts

Are you an introvert that is attempting find a career that doesn’t involve copious amounts of frustrating small talk? Introverts can be at a bit of a disadvantage, many careers can seem like they have been designed for social butterflies. If this sounds like you, and you are at a loss of what to do, you should definitely look into a big data analytics career.

If you’re a curious introvert you’ll have a great time working in the field of big data analytics. It’s possible to earn a high salary after working your way up the career ladder, but it’s not just about money. Let’s discuss a few big data benefits you’ll absolutely love.

1 - You Can Work Almost Anywhere

I think it’s fair to say big data is going to take over the world. If you have a master of data science degree you’ll be able to apply anywhere. Thanks to the internet, this field is growing at a high rate. Think Google and Facebook as potential employers. The Muse has a list of five supercool options for different directions you can take in this industry, read more about it here.

At the moment, the world is your oyster. Most Internet of Things companies can’t even find enough qualified workers to fill their roles. It’s not often you find careers with minimal competition that spread across so many industries.

2 - Play Around with Lots of Tools

When you work with big data you’ll use a huge selection of tools. Due to the limited time the industry has been around, new and more advanced tools are constantly being developed. If you love learning new things, this is a great way to keep your mind interested. You will get to play with new technologies all day until you know each one inside out, just in time for something new to come around.

It’s amazing if you enjoy learning how to use complex tools. It wouldn’t be easy to master anything if you weren’t curious. After a few years you’ll know almost everything about structuring and storing data.

3 - Become a Freelance Consultant

If you’re curious and ambitious enough you’ll eventually want to break out on your own. Being your own boss will allow you to focus on the jobs that interest you. You will also get to work across a dozen different industries instead of focusing on just one.

It won’t take too long until you’ll be skilled enough to become a freelance big data consultant. The amount of money you’ll be able to earn is up to you, plus you’ll have the option of traveling to lots of countries. More people are choosing a nomad lifestyle and big data allows you to work from anywhere with clients all over the world.

4 - You’ll Make the Big Decisions

It’s usually extroverts who make big decisions that affect the whole company. Due to the fact they’re louder their voices are always heard. When introverts are too shy to share their views with everyone it’s easy to disappear into the background.

We’re going to use big data to make important decisions in lots of cases, so everyone is going to turn to you automatically. You’ll feel like you’re doing an important job, which might not be the case in other careers.

5 - Work with the Biggest Brands

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work for one of the biggest brands on the planet? It’s usually hard to find quality jobs at specific companies, which won’t be the case when you’re involved in big data.

IBM, Amazon, Tesla, and many other companies will be open to you. These companies are known for quality salaries, great benefits, and brand recognition. You also get to work for a massive brand that is doing unbelievable things.

6 - You Won’t Hit a Glass Ceiling

Introverts usually find it difficult to fight for excellent promotion opportunities. It’s also hard to excel if you work for the wrong kind of company. Unfortunately it is common to hit a glass ceiling after working somewhere for a few years.

Once you get a job in big data you may be able to reach executive positions in companies much easier. Due to the different personalities of those you are working with, you may find it easier to speak up and stand out. You may also be able to buy into stock of the companies you work for. Startup founders will always be looking to bring on people like you for advice.


Big data is one of the most lucrative careers in technology right now, which shows no signs of changing in the next decade. It’s the perfect choice if you want to keep your mind sharp and continue learning new things.