How the Latest AI Technology Can Help Your Resume Stand Out

How to Write a Resume with an AI Assistant?

I am always looking for different ways to help you guys with getting your next job! So when Glever reached out about sharing their resume creator that is totally free, I wanted to pass it along! Here is an article from Jing Liu, from Glever to share why it may be the next thing to help you get your resume in great shape!


The hiring industry is continually evolving. If we compare the scenarios of the past to the present, we can find an increase in competition in the overall industry. Nearly 250 resumes are attracted on an average by any job opening. In these resumes, more than half are rejected by an Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). As you might know, these systems are automatic, and they only select people with the right keywords. To help avoid your resume getting rejected, you need to focus on crafting a better resume that has all the essential elements of the job description.

It may be tempting to google some professional resumes and get started on drafting a new resume, but this may not be enough. If you want to have an extra edge over other applicant, you need to use mediums that are new and that allow you to make the most updated form of resumes with the right keywords. One of those mediums is Artificial Intelligence (AI).


What is AI?

I am sure you have probably heard of Artificial Intelligence and it is beginning to shape the world into something far clearer and responsive. As opposed to natural intelligence, this intelligence is basically tailored to machines. How they work can be a discussion far from the scope of this article; however, basically, the machines with AI take decisions based upon the bank of codes that are preloaded manually by the programmers.

In terms of resume writing, by providing some basic information to the machines using AI to make resumes, you can have it done within minutes in the most relevant manner. Since, AI has all the information regarding a keyword, no matter what your set skills or what input you give; it is going to be displayed in a thoughtful way.

How to Write a Resume with It?

As AI is still nascent, there are fewer vendors who offer such services. The free resume writer is one of them. What really fascinates job seekers when they use this website is its impeccable simplicity, and authority in combining AI and user input into what seems as the best practice of creating resumes within just a few minutes.

Unlike any other website, it doesn’t waste your time in urging you to sign up or add your credit card credentials. All it does is simple resume construction by guiding you through the process with helpful prompts after you click on “Create Resume”.


kaboompics_Woman working on a computer.jpg

Let Us Put Everything In Simple Steps:

1) After visiting, you only need to click on “Create Resume”, as mentioned above.

2) You’d be presented with a prompt which will ask you your Name, Email, Experience Level, and Career Field.

3) Once you select the right, basic information, you would be taken to another page which would allow you to include your work experience. Here, you wouldn’t have to jot down long paragraphs of redundant information of your skills. You’d just have to SELECT the right skills from the “Customize by Skills”, and you’d be presented with the right information relevant to those skills. By clicking on the “Add” button of specific information, it would be added to the “Description” of your workplace. Of course, there are fields which allow you to add the company name, job title, location, period of the job, and project name.

If you are worried about the manual input, then rest assured, you can also do that.

4) After adding your work experience, you can also add your education in the same manner.

5) You can also add a custom field to your CV by clicking on the “Add More Sections” located at the end of your CV template.

6) Did we mention that after filling in the required information, you can spice up your CV by selecting among the templates present on the left?

So, that was all about creating a CV with That might stop here, but what ensues is that the AI starts searching jobs for you that correspond to the type of skills that you have entered. You can filter those results by location and title.

Artificial Intelligence incorporated in the resume creation process by Glever is an example of the height of excellence in the field. With having such a technology at your disposal, you can not only create the best resumes but can also be luckily hired by the job openings presented to you by it depending on your skill set. If you are eager to try something new, then try Glever, the AI-powered free resume builder now.