Looking For Ways To Engage Your Employees? Look Beyond The Foosball Table!

Employee engagement takes more than a foosball table

When you think of how to engage your employees, what comes to mind? There are several ways to try and get disengaged employees motivated to be there, but many companies try to take the easy way out and buy some contraption to make them happy. One of the biggest offenders - The Foosball Table!


One of the real reasons why some people tend to choose to join startups or small business is because of the personal and intimate feeling it has as compared to being employed at a larger firm or organization. Being a part of that business creates a sense of dedication to the cause and a real feeling they are contributing to the goals of the company.

Employers can sometimes focus too much on the fun factor instead of other important benefits employees may want. Avoid trying to force a culture of ‘coolness’ or apparent ‘modernity’ on your employees, keep it authentic. Employees and potential customers are deterred if they can blatantly observe the lack of authenticity in their work and tone of voice. In other words, they see through your gesture. 

Instead of forcefully trying to stack up uneven bricks and keep expecting them to fall as would be the case with a forced culture, you should try and be more honest and open about yourself.

Culture Building is a slow and gradual process and once you set up your business, it tends to emerge itself with the passage of a little bit of time. You do not necessarily have to actively try to be cool in the eyes of others by employing the use of the likes of a foosball table.

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Whenever you feel the urge to immediately purchase a foosball table for your company, ask yourself one question: Why? What purpose will it serve? Why am I advocating for its presence in my building? If the answer to that question is, ‘to attract more applications’ or ‘to make ourselves look very cool’, then your mind is not in the right place.

You must find an authentic purpose of owning and using a foosball table in the workplace. Once you have contributed a good amount of time to building the culture of your startup and settling in your new employees, it would then be appropriate for you to introduce something to help your team of employees destress and relax.



Yes, having a foosball table has its pros and cons and it can improve your workers performance, but you have to ask yourself: Can I afford to have a potential distraction in the office? Is this good for my company?

If you are noticing a drop in engagement with employees, ask them why? Trying to get to the cause of the issue can help you rememdy it. It could be something as simple as communication or offering another vacation day. If you don't ask, you won't know.

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