Awkward Facts About The Company Gym You May Not Have Considered

The convenience of a company gym is awesome right? If you literally have to walk by the machines to leave the office your missed workouts could be a thing of the past.

Not having to leave the office can definitely help increase the frequency of your workouts but there are some things you may not have thought about. Let me break down what I learned about working out in my company gym for a few months.



It Stinks

That’s right, with everyone in there sweating all the time it smells pretty bad. Like, real gross. Like think of lots of BO and no air freshener! Many company gyms are small rooms that aren’t ventilated too well. Mine was one of these gyms!! With all the working out there isn’t anywhere for all those smelly smells to escape!

I may be exaggerating a bit. The only time it was bad was when there were a bunch of people in there. On a normal day of me working out there was maybe two other people and it wasn’t a factor. That being said, the days I was in there the smell was borderline unbearable!

Locker Room Weirdness

So there is the issue of you getting into your workout clothes. You have to change and shower alongside your co-workers. In a normal gym I don’t feel as weird about this because I am with strangers. Something felt a bit weird about stripping down at work amongst people I could pass in the breakroom!

Of course you do have the option to change in the bathroom or get over your anxiety but it is super tough. For me anyway, I just couldn’t get past it.

Photo: PicJumbo

Photo: PicJumbo

Sweaty Mess

I liked going at lunch time for the break in the day. It was awesome to get away from my desk and get out all the annoyances of the morning! The problem was it look like an hour after I was done and showered to cool off. My hair was gross and I was just so hot.

Ultimately I gave up the lunch time workouts because I just couldn’t deal. Now I wait until after work to get a sweat session in. For me, I just couldn’t deal with all the awkwardness to get the opportuneness of the onsite gym.