Focusing On Your Health When You Are Crazy Busy

One of my new year’s resolutions this year was to return to the healthy lifestyle I had before I went to work.  Back when I didn’t have to work 8+ hours I day I had plenty of time to work out an little money for nights out! Unfortunately over those seven years of working, I have lost that dedication and hadn’t been able to get back that balance. So far this year I have been able to increase my level of activity and eat better, without going crazy! Here are the ways that have helped me.

Grocery Delivery

If you loathe grocery shopping as much as I do you may find this scenario familiar. Running through the aisles as quickly as you can, getting the same stuff every week. I would pin all these great recipes on Pinterest and then never get any of the stuff to make them.

When I discovered Shipt I was ecstatic! Shipt has an app where you choose your groceries and a time, then the Shipt shopper delivers them to your door. The app also keeps track of your recent purchases so you can easily repurchase normal staples. Plus, you can plan for meals easier by being able to search for all the ingredients you need. By starting to use this service, I was able to better plan for what to eat for all my meals and snacks throughout the day so I didn’t resort to eating out.



Oh my goodness, I love these games! With DietBet you basically bet on yourself that you are going to lose the weight. I have done three of the Kickstarter games and am currently doing a Transformer game. The Kickstarter games are shorter and I needed to lose 4% of my starting weight in like two months. I won the first one and lost the next two, which is why I am now doing the Transformer.

It’s really been helping me stay on track with what I am eating and how much I am working out. Even though I didn’t win my second or third diet bet, it has kept me going where in the past I may have just resorted to bad habits. If you need help with what to eat, this eBook may give you some guidance. 



Tracking Your Steps

I am not tracking my food this time around. I have tried that several times in the past and I get to the point where I am just sick of doing it and give up. This time I am focusing on eating the foods that I know are healthy and limiting my dessert to a serving of dark chocolate per day. In addition to that focus, I am trying to exercise four times per week.

One of the recent things I am trying is to increase my steps each day. I haven’t broke down to buy a FitBit yet, but am able to track my steps using my iPhone under the Health app in Activity. Upside – it’s free, Downside – I have to remember to take my phone every time I get up! Apparently you are supposed to get 10K steps every day. First day I looked? 1,600!! Isn’t that terrible?

Even on the days I am walking or running, I haven’t been able to get over 8,500. I love the fact that I can see the steps though. I am a data person, so seeing that my steps are low is a huge motivator for me to get moving. Need some quick workout ideas? Check out these 10 minute videos.

The biggest thing I have discovered is that I am not too busy to eat right and get consistent exercise. I just need to plan for it and hold myself accountable. So far this year I feel so much better and am down a few pounds. If I can keep this up I should meet my first goal by the end of the year, along with feeling more energized and happier.