Four Ways a Vacation Can Help Your Career

4 Ways Taking Vacation Will Help Your Career

In a fast paced environment there is this martyr tendency to not take vacation. Or if vacation is taken, it’s not uncommon for people to respond to email as if they were working a normal day. According to The Muse, over 50% of employees don’t use all their vacation days! This is a terrible idea and defeats the benefit that vacation is there for.

Clears Your Mind

If you never take a break from your job, your mind never gets a chance to relax. Taking time off to completely separate from work will give your mind a break. This break will leave your mind free to come up with new ideas and fresh perspectives when you return to work.

You have had a break which will allow you to see things from outside the day to day. Perspective will be different with your time off. Being away from the craziness will help you see that perhaps something should be done another way. It may also benefit your creativity and allow you to come up with the next great product or marketing plan.

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(via Unsplash)

Re-Connect With Family and Friends

Most of the reason people work is to provide for themselves and their families. If you never take a break from the office, you aren’t maximizing your time with them. How do you think they feel if you are consistently checking your email when you are trying to spend time with them?

Make it a point to be in the moment when you are hanging out with them. When you return from vacation, work can again have your full attention.

A great side effect with hanging out with friends is growing your network! The more people you know and talk to on a regular basis, the more connections you will have. Each of those connections has connections and could eventually lead to a job opportunity.


Working constantly with no break is bad for your health. Stop putting the office first during your vacation time. Even if all you do is hang out at your house with your dog and some wine, put yourself first!

The best part about relaxing away from the office is that it will help your stress level. Reducing stress can help you work better. You come back to the office relaxed and read to get to work. If you hadn’t taken any time or wasted it by continuing to work, you will put yourself on the fast track to burnout.

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(via Unsplash)


Sometimes being away from the office can help you see that you are in the wrong field or company. Maybe it’s just that you need a change. Getting away from your normal routine can help you realize that you have just been going through the motions.

Bottom line, vacationing is good for your career. You will get a much needed break from the craziness of the office. Your friends and family will get some facetime and enjoy seeing you and you will make some connections in the process.  Spend some time relaxing and refreshing your mind and body and get some perspective on your job. Taking time for yourself will help your mind and body stay healthier. A healthy mind and body will certainly help you be more successful.