Focus on the Present to Help Your Future

Photo by  Diego PH  on  Unsplash

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

There are so many distractions in our everyday lives. A typical night for me includes watching a show with my family, while writing an article and playing on my phone.

What happens?

I get nothing out of any of those activities. My attention span is low and I just can't focus on only one of those tasks.

So what has changed?

I am currently reading the book "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. I am on chapter two and already learning new things!

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Focus on the Present

I have never been one to really focus on the past, but I a very guilty of living in the future.

If only I could save a ton of money to focus on my business.

I don't have time to write articles but I will one day.

I am not paying attention to my family because I have so much to do. 

What I am realizing in reading this book is that those are all just excuses.

If I am present when doing one of these activities, I will make it more meaningful.

Photo by  Stefan Cosma  on  Unsplash

Photo by Stefan Cosma on Unsplash

Practicing Being Grateful

One of my biggest issues in 2017 was feeling frustrated that I wasn't where I wanted to be in my life. What I am realizing is if I spent all the time I was using to feel anxious about the future actually doing tasks to propel me towards my goals, I would have been a lot closer to reaching them!

I have so much to be grateful for and I am focusing on being thankful for what I have right now. My goals are still there and I know I will reach them but I am going to stop beating myself up for not already being there.

A focus on my present and all that I have right now along with a constant progression towards learning and growth will get me to where I need to be, just at the time I need it! 

Are you struggling with a focus for 2018? If you need someone to talk to about your career goals for the new year, let me help! A career coach can be just what you need to get focused on your goals and achieve success. 

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