Wishing For A New Career This Christmas?

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. Spending time with family and friends, giving and receiving, and in our case a family trip. This year we are going to Denver and I am stoked! Technically we are going in January due to much lower plane fares, but it is our present to each other. 

But what if what you really want is a new career or at least a new job in your current line of work? It can happen! 

New Career Christmas.png


Get Your Mind Right

Wishing for a new job but not putting in the required action is not going to get you very far. Set your mind on what you want your next role to be. Envision yourself in that new role and really believe it will be yours.

Then take make a commitment to make it happen. Maybe you can put a timeframe around when you expect to be in the new position? Is anything holding you back from starting a new job search?

Be Honest With Yourself

You have this feeling that you need a change, but don't just start blindly applying to new jobs. Why do you want a new job? Are you looking for more money? Is work life balance an issue? Maybe you need a change?

Get real with why you are unhappy and identify what will get you on the right track. This way when you start getting interview request and job offers, you can be selective. There is nothing worse than leaving one job for another that is equally unsatisfying. 

Update Your Resume

Check out your current resume and add in your most recent experience. If you want to refresh your resume, try www.uptowork.com for a pretty cool resume builder. If you want something free, I really like Canva's resume template section. Both options will get you a modern looking resume to send out into the world. 

Once you have a draft you are ready to distribute, have someone look it over. Ideally this would be a recruiter or hiring manger you know that is familiar wit your field. Take their feedback seriously and make any changes you agree with. If you are looking for more help with what to write, send me an email.


Connect With Contacts

The best way to find a new opportunity is to get an edge from your contacts. Think about people you have worked with in the past and make a list of who you want to reach out to. I recommend asking former managers to meet you for coffee or lunch. Let them know you are looking and tell them a little about what you are thinking is your next step.

Even f there isn't something open currently, they can let you know if they hear of something. Sometimes jobs aren't even posted when companies start actively looking. By letting your network know you are open to opportunities, you can be part of this underground job market.