Tips for a Resume Objective With Purpose

Having a good resume objective is so important. It is the first thing potential employers see and base a first impression on. If it’s great those employers will keep reading. If it falls short, it will likely cause them to pass and move on to the next candidate. Make sure yours is top notch and keep them reading. Show them that you are the perfect fit for their opening. To make your resume standout, try these tips for well written objective statements.

Make it engaging

Showcasing a boring objective statement is no way to get an employer’s attention. Instead of saying something like “I am looking for a role as a sales professional in a large company.” Try this instead – “Sales professional with over five years of experience assisting clients with their needs. Looking for an opportunity to grow my experience with a company whose values mirror my own.”

Most job postings have a large amount of applications. Particularly those at large, sought after companies. Having an objective that stands out will keep the recruiter or hiring manger reading. This article from Big Interview has some great tips on writing a great statement, including examples for different jobs.



Tell them what you want

If you are looking for experience in a new industry, make that known. The objective section is where you can tell employers what you are looking for. If you want to make a change to a completely different job, state that. By telling employers what you are looking for, it avoids wasting your time and the employer’s time with opportunities that don’t align with your goals.

An example would be “Human Resources professional with over five years in the HR Generalist space. Looking for an opportunity to lead people and take the next step in my career as a people manager.” That statement conveys you are only open to opportunities at the next level, as a manager. If you need some inspiration, check out these resume examples from Hloom or a free version at JobNexus. Both include a repository of hundreds of examples that enable job seekers to improve their resumes.

Tailor to the Job

Make sure you take a look at your objective to make sure it fits the job you are applying to. If your objective doesn’t align, your resume will likely be passed on. Being too vague could also have the same effect. Let’s say that the role you are applying to is a bit out of what your current experience shows, but you believe your experience would complement the job. An example of

Taking these tips into account will help your resume stand out in the sea of applicants. If you want more examples of objectives, check out the Interview Guys article on the topic. The objective statement is your message to employers about what you are looking for and how you will be the best employee for their job opening.