Keep Working or Lose Momentum

For those of you who are college football fans, you will feel my pain from yesterday's showing for my two teams. My Florida Gators were up 21-3 at half and ended up losing by 10 points! My LSU Tigers lost in a last second overturn of a referee call, IMHO they got it wrong! So depressing, I literally almost cried! Then I realized it was just college football, but still!

So what does this have to do with your career? We can make some definite correlations to the failures of the Gators and Tigers from yesterdays awful performances. Applying Football Lessons to Career Life is a go!


So you have worked hard on a project or recently received a promotion at work? Congrats! No doubt you worked your butt off to accomplish that feat, but you can't coast. If you do, you will end up like the Gators and be run over in the 2nd half. No one cares what you did last year, you have to keep working hard. Find a new project to be a part of, grow your leadership skills, anything to continue growing. Unfortunately I see people who were promoted and then go down a slow downhill spiral leading to low ratings, which equal low raises or bonuses. You see, once you are promoted, you are held to a higher standard. You are compared to the people at the level you have been promoted to. It doesn't matter that you have done in the past, it's time to show what you are doing now to add value. 


Don't be like the Tigers and wait until the VERY LAST SECOND to take care of business. Waiting until a deadline or the end of the week to do something important is often a recipe for disaster. Don't be the person who has the inevitable computer issues right before something is due! It doesn't matter if they are legit. Give yourself enough time to get things done and allow for hiccups along the way. If you don't run into any, you will look like a rock-star for getting it done early. Who doesn't want to look like a rock-star?? Rock-stars get better increases than groupies.

Hopefully you have learned something today and even if you have been coasting or procrastinating, there is time to fix it! Its the end of September, so rock it out starting Monday. The best time to be awesome is now as managers will be deciding increases and bonuses for year end.