Work & Holiday

In today's post from the 10 day blog challenge, Natalie asked us to imagine we are on a long holiday and how we will balance work and adventure. For someone wanting a freedom lifestyle, this is something I dream about regularly! I am not looking to travel all the time, but having the freedom to work in an independent manner which doesn't require an office is my career goal!

I did have some practice with this when we went to Hawaii in July. I had some freelance writing clients that had requested orders while I was there and I needed to write and deliver while in paradise. To keep up with my work, I strategically found time to write. We took several day trips which required time in the car, so I decided to take along my laptop to write in the car. Not only did I get my work done, I passed the time we were travelling quickly! I was able to use my phone as a wifi hotspot so I could connect to the internet and deliver the articles.

In thinking about how my day would look if I was doing this full time and on a long holiday, I think I would plan in time to work in between my adventures in the new city. When I think about vacations with my husband, he always prefers some down time in between activities. I could capitalize on that time by working while he is resting. If I was in a cool place with a pool or balcony, I would sit outside an enjoy the view as I worked.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9