What Can We Learn From the Olympics?

The summer Olympics are my absolute favorite event to watch. I love watching the competition and hearing the stories of perserverance. As I watched gymnastics and swimming tonight, it really got me thinking abut what we could learn from these amazing athletes. 

You Need Some Talent

To be really great, there is some natural talent needed to succeed. Take me for example. I consider myself an omnivert and can talk to people when needed in the right context, but the thought of talking to strangers all the time makes me anxious. A career as event promoter or something else that constantly required me to talk to strangers every day wouldn't allow me to reach my potential. My career in HR allows me to talk to managers and employees on a regular basis, but I also work with teammates and individually quite frequently. 

Hard Work Required

Olympians are known for their relentless hard work and focus in order to make it to their goals. We could learn so much from their goal setting and the commitment they take to reach their goal. Maybe your goal is to be promoted this year? Ask your manager what steps you need to take to get there. Make a plan to reach your goal and don't stop before you meet it!

Outside Factors Happen

As Olympians know, you can't control everything and sometimes events outside your control derail your ability to meet your goals. For an Olympian this may be something like an injury or a rule that is outdated. They work to overcome injury and move on from issues that they can't do anything to change. For us, there will be some things we don't foresee that stop us like the company we work for being sold or our jobs being eliminated. When these things happen, don't sulk and wish things could be different. Take inspirations from the athletes this Olympics and fight to meet a new goal.