No Offer? Three Reasons You Didn't Get the Job

Your phone screen with the recruiter was awesome, you connected with the interviewers, and you have all the skills required in the job posting but after your interview you hear crickets. Sound familiar? It happens all the time! You leave the interview feel like the job is yours and then you are left wracking your brain on what went wrong. So what are some of the reasons you ended up with no offer?


Sometimes a referral from within the company will come in at the last minute and dash your hopes. There is really no way to compete with a known entity or one who is being recommended by a known entity. Hiring the right person is scary for hiring managers and if they can get someone who is endorsed by a trusted colleague or better yet someone they have worked with in the past, they will 99% of the time take that route. That is why networking is essential in your job search efforts. Good recruiters and hiring managers will communicate that you were a great fit and want to keep in touch for future opportunities. Don't write them off if they do, you never know what will come up in the future.

Budget Cuts

Companies at times decide to pull approval for a job in the middle of the recruiting process. This happens more times than you would think and leaves the applicant in an awkward spot. Again, the company representatives should communicate with you versus leaving you in the dark. If this happens to you, make sure you research the company to see their current status. These cuts could signal there is an issue or it could just be a one off for this particular role. 


Even though you felt your interview went perfectly and all the interviewers loved you, the competition is still out there. You don't know who else has applied for the same job and what their skills and qualifications are. Perhaps there was a candidate who was very similar to your own profile but was asking for a little less money? The company may decide to save a bit of money in that case. Or on the flip side, maybe a candidate with more experience applied and they decided they could pay a bit more to have that knowledge on their team. 

Even though you didn't get the job this time, don't let it dampen your spirits. Most people have to go on several interviews with a few companies before they receive an offer. Don't but value on getting the offer, but more so on the overall fit for you. This door closed allows the opportunity for your perfect role to open. Keep up the search and find that perfect match for you!