Ready for a new job?

Are you ready to start looking for a new job? Sometimes we get to a point where we are unhappy in our current jobs or we are just board to death and need a change! Whatever the reason for your itch to move, check out these steps to get you into a new role.

Refresh Your Resume

Dust off the old resume and take a nice hard critical eye to it. Add in your current job and think about the accomplishments you have had in your role. Add in anything you can quantify like sales for the quarter or maybe the amount of money you were able to save the company by implementing a new process. Employers love to see this kind of information, so make sure you include it in your first few bullets for each job.


Tell Your Network

Keep it quiet internal to your current company, but reach out to any outside contacts you have. Let them know you are looking for a new position and would love for them to keep you in mind for anything they hear of. Even better, see if they have time to meet for coffee or lunch. Ideally this isn't the first time you have talked to them in months. If it is ask for the meeting before you mention the job. 

Research the Market

Think about where you want to be located. If you are keen on staying where you are, take a look at the local business journal to see which companies are moving to your area and which companies are looking to expand. This is a great way to get in if you have the skills they are seeking. If you are open to moving, identify your top companies and start looking at what the market pays. 

Start Applying

Once you have it all figured out, the next step is to start applying! There are so many methods to apply for jobs. My favorite places to look are Indeed and Glassdoor because they seem to be the most accurate and pull from so many different sites. If you have specific companies you are interested in make sure you also set up job alerts directly on the company career site. This way you won't miss anything. 

Remember that it will take time to find a new job, so try not to get discouraged. It will probably take you months to find something. Keep working at it and you will find something that is a great fit. If you need some extra help, let me know and I would be happy to help :-)