Focus Your Attention

Want to get more done in your day but always feel like there just isn't enough time? You may need to take a look at the way you are structuring your day to see if you are helping or hurting yourself. 

Make a List

Before you do anything with your day, make a priority list. Not anyone else's priorities, but yours. What do you need to get done today to make it a success? Do you absolutely need to make a doctor's appointment that you keep putting off? Put it on your list. Have a major project you have been working on but keep getting side tracked? Add it. This will keep you on task if you start to lose your focus for the day. Check it periodically to make sure you are getting it done.

Ignore the Clutter

If you have an alert for your email coming through, turn it off now! You have no business checking your email if you have tasks on your list that you haven't completed. Seeing that notification pop up will distract you with someone else's priorities. You can get to them as soon as you have completed what you need to for the day. Another distraction can be your co-workers. While you need to remain friendly with them don't spend a ton of time chit chatting or even helping them with their work until you have your priorities complete.

Don't Make Excuses

Once you set your priorities don't make excuses for not getting them accomplished. Ultimately you are the one who needs to hold yourself accountable. If you let yourself off the hook, who is going to make sure you get things done? If something is important enough to add to your priorities for the day, you need to find a way to get it done.