Deciding on Accepting the Offer

You received an offer, great news! Before you blindly accept you need to consider all aspects to make sure this is the right move for you. While it may be easy to just accept the offer you have been given because you don't like your current situation, you want to make sure this move will get you in a better place. Below are some things to think about before you say yes.

Think about the positives in your current role

Although you may be ready to move on from your current job, you want to make sure you are moving on to something better, not just something different. What do you like about the job you are in now? Think about whether you have flexibility, good work location, and your team. Also think about your salary and how it compares to the new offer. 

What will you have to give up

Is there anything you will have to give up to accept the new job? Maybe your commute is pretty short currently and the new company adds 20 minutes or maybe it's in a completely new city? Do you have to travel if you accept this position? That could mean time away from friends and family and you will have to consider if it's worth it.


Probably the biggest aspect you will want to consider is the salary the new company is offering. Was it what you were looking for? How does it compare to the market for similar roles in this industry? Check out online references like Glassdoor to make sure you have been offered a salary that will make you happy. If you think you deserve more, don't be afraid to ask if there is any flexibility in the offer. If the company can go higher, they usually will if you ask. 

If you go through all the aspects and feel confident about the offer, go for it! You will feel comfortable with all the change, once you know you have looked at it from all angles.