5 Signs That Signal You May Need a New Job

We can all get to the point where we start to think about looking for a new job, but what are the signs that you need to get out sooner rather than later? Read on for some indications that you may need to out in the job market now!

1. Your manager starts having weekly meetings with you - Has your manager basically ignored you for the last six months, but now you have regular meetings where you are basically told about all your mistakes? Weekly meetings with your manager are not a bad thing, unless you never had them before and now that you do, they are negative. This is a sign that your manager is not happy with your performance.

2. Your company is losing money - Do you keep seeing your company in the news for all the wrong reasons? It may be time to move on. Your company may be too distracted with their bottom line to give you a raise this year. Find a company that has positive reviews and has a positive stock price.

3. You received a bad review - If you got a bad review, it is probably time to move on.Whether you agree with the review or not, it is so hard to come back from that. Take it as a learning opportunity and use those lessons in a new job. 

4. Morale is low - This typically happens when people aren't satisfied with their roles. Maybe the pay raises are non existent or the hours are too long. Whatever the reason, no one wants to be there. You shouldn't be either! Get out of there as soon as possible and find yourself a better job.

5. When people leave they don't get replaced - When someone on your team leaves, do they hire someone to take their place or spread the work around? If leavers are not typically replaced, that can be a red flag that the company is downsizing. Don't be the one called into the office, take the initiative to start looking for something better.

Do you identify with any of these? Don't worry! You will find something better than what you have now. Change is good, it allows us to stretch ourselves to see what we can accomplish. Try to avoid letting things happen to you and make them happen for yourself!