Take Action To Reach Your Goals

Do you dream of being in a better job? One that you are valued in and make the salary you deserve? Are you sick of the 9-5 and want to start your own business? What is holding you back from reaching your goals?

You don't have the time

This is one of the biggest excuses I hear from my clients and friends. You notice I said excuse there right? If you want it bad enough, you will find the time. Will you have to make the choice to miss out on bingeing on the latest show? Maybe. Will you have to plan your day to fit in time to do some activities? Sure. But the time is there, you are just choosing to spend it doing other things. If you think time is a problem for you, think about how you are choosing to spend your time now and what changes you can make to fit in time to apply for new roles or start working on your side business.


You don't think you are good enough

This is a negative mindset issue and one you must change in order to be successful and meet your potential. Trust me, I have been there and still struggle with it sometimes. I'm telling you now that you are good enough and you can meet your goals and make it happen with hard work and persistence. The one way you absolutely are guaranteed to fail is to never take action toward that new job or business. 

You listen to other people

Other people can be negative and crush your dreams. If you are interested in something and you think it will make you happy, go for it. You are the only one living your life, not your parents, your friends - you. So if they don't agree with what you want to do and aren't 100% supportive of your goals, just don't talk about it with them! You don't need anyone's permission, besides your own. In fact, use their negativity as additional fuel that pushes you to succeed!


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