Time for a Mindset Reset

Your mindset is so important to your success. Up until recently, I had always been one of those people who is negative. I didn't believe in myself and doubted my ability to be successful. I was usually sarcastic and used it as a crutch to not reach my goals. Luckily I came across Susie Romans who talked about having a mindset that set you up for success. I loved how positive she was and she was obviously doing great in her field. It got me thinking about how I could change my mindset to open myself up for success.


What do you believe? Think about the things you believe and challenge them. For example were you brought up to believe that you could do anything you could put your mind to or that your abilities were limited? When thinking about your beliefs, identify the ones that may be holding you back.


Is your attitude based on those beliefs one that will set you up to succeed? Let's take the example from above. If your belief is that you are limited by your abilities, your attitude will be that it doesn't matter how hard you work because there is a ceiling to how far you can go. 


This was were I really struggled! I was listening to a video or podcast- it may have been Natalie Sisson (she is amazing too, check her out!) on this topic and they had a great homework assignment. Pay attention to your thoughts for one day and notice how often you talk to yourself in a negative way. I was so shocked by how almost every thought I had was negative or sarcastic! Below is a great TedTalk on getting out of that negative mindset.


So what do you do with all of this information? Use it to make better choices. Since I know I have issues with being negative, I am actively working on it. If I catch my thoughts veering in a negative direction, I stop and change it. I am literally talking to myself in my head at this point! But it works! I have noticed that since starting this journey to having a more positive mindset I am so much happier! Nothing else has changed, but I am able to work towards my goals with no excuses.

Challenge yourself today to work on your mindset. What are the areas you need to work on? Feel free to share in the comments or send me a note. Have a great week!