Ignoring the Negativity

For whatever reason, there will be people out there who try to stomp on your dreams. Maybe they are jealous, maybe they don't have the drive, or maybe they are just negative people. 

Don't let them get to you! Set your goals for yourself and don't stop until you are satisfied with the results. Below are some ways to deal with the nay-sayers whether you are trying to move up the ladder or start your own business.

Take the high road

There is no reason to get mad at the person producing the negativity. It won't help them change their mind and ultimately it won't help you feel better. All you can do is move on. Be classy and professional, no matter how upset they make you. If you need to, don't even respond at the moment. Emotional responses are typically not ones you want to rely on to be the most rational.

Use them as motivation

So someone said something negative about your goals or your ability to reach them? Prove them wrong! What better way to respond to them than with success? Whenever you feel unmotivated to work on your goals, just think about the people who said you couldn't do it.

Remove it

If possible, remove the negativity altogether. If it's someone you are close to, just refrain from talking to them about it. If they ask you about it, just give them a nonchalant "everything is going well". If it's a manager or co-worker, what better way than to find a new job paying more money!

Keep going

Whatever you do, keep going with your goals. If you have made a plan and you believe you can achieve it, don't allow someone else's negative words to deter you. Stay on target with what you believe you can do and stay positive!

Hopefully this helps you deal with some of the negativity out there! Just know you aren't alone, we all deal with it on some level. Feel free to send me a note on how you stay positive.