Five tips to make your upcoming week productive

Well it's Sunday. We all know what that means - the weekend is almost over :(

Forget about it, enjoy your Sunday and don't think about Monday. That is, until tonight!

The best thing you can do on Sunday night, is prepare for Monday. Set yourself up for a stress free Monday morning and start the week off right!

1. Review the week ahead - Look through your calendar for the upcoming week. Don't have a calendar? Start one now, so you aren't surprised by what's coming up this week and the following weeks. 

2. Create a task list and assign due dates for the week - If you are anything like me, you constantly forget things that you are supposed to do! I am guilty of forgetting personal tasks because I am so focused on work when I am there. Make sure you include personal and professional items. I prefer to keep my task list separate. For my primary job in HR, I use a small notepad that I update and check off throughout the week. For personal and Career Designs, I like to use the Asana app on my phone.

3. Get in the right mindset - Try not to sit around and sulk about the fact that you have to return to work tomorrow. Focus on the things you like about going to work. It provides funds to pay your bills, allows you to show your skills, and you get to talk to others about similar interests. If you focus on the positives, you will be in a good starting place for Monday.

4. Avoid stacking your Mondays with back to back meetings - You need to ease into the week and make sure you are using your time wisely. If you think you are slammed Monday, review your calendar to see what can be rescheduled to later in the week. Knowing you have some breathing room will help you ease into the week and ultimately help avoid burnout which will help you be more productive. 

5. Relax - Choose a decent time to go to bed and make the last hour stress free. Pack your lunch, read, do some yoga, then go to bed. Whatever your stress relieving routine, make sure you do it. Whatever you do in that last hour though, DO NOT focus it around your job. In my experience it is a recipe for disaster. It will make it harder to fall asleep and may even cause you to dream about it! I don't know about you, but I prefer my dreams about more fun topics!!

Try out these five ideas and let me know if they help! Do you have other ideas that help you prepare for the week? Add them in the comments below.