Staying positive in your job search

Looking for a new job is tough. You are basically taking on a second job when you are searching and applying for your next gig. On top of that, you are dealing with a lot of rejection. 

Those dreaded thanks but no thanks rejection emails are the WORST. I hate them so much! I got one recently that was really awful. They were trying to make it different that the standard we found other candidates more closely matching the role, blah, blah, blah but it made me think they were asking me for an interview at first! 

The point I am trying to make, is that anytime you aren't selected, it stinks. I wanted to give you some insights from my experience being on the other side as a recruiter.

  • Don't take the rejection personally - depending on where they were in the recruiting process by the time you apply, they may have already narrowed down the final candidates. Roles typically stay posted until the hire starts. This is to keep it open in case recruiters lose a candidate and need to go back to the candidate pool.


  • If you get an interview but don't end up getting the role, it's ok. Interviews are a way to not only see if you have the skills for the role, but that you have certain soft skills or personality traits that they want. It will be different for every interviewer. There is not a way for you to prepare for that, so you just need to make sure you do your best and be authentic. 


  • Keep a positive mindset and know that if you keep up your applications and networking, you will find a match that will be a great role for you. Sometimes it just takes one interview, sometimes it will take 10! 


  • Don't give up! I see it all the time, where people go on one or two interviews, don't get selected and then resign themselves to being stuck in their same old role. Please don't be one of them! It takes work to get what you want and a bit of a tough skin to go through finding a new job, but know that you are worth it and you can do it.

How are you staying positive in your job search? If you need some guidance send me a note, I would love to talk to you about how I can help! Send me an email at or apply for a free Discovery Call below. Good luck on your job search!