If at first you don't succeed...

A couple of weeks ago I signed up for a 5K! You may be thinking "So what, people do those all the time." Well that is true, but for me it is exciting because I used to run regularly, but quit about a year ago. Why did I quit? Well one morning while running before work in the dark, with my earbuds and phone on my armband, I tripped and fell! Not only did I break my iPhone, my confidence was broken as well. I ran maybe two times after that and gave up. Since then I haven't found another source of exercise that was as effective for me to maintain my ideal weight. 

Have you ever given up on something after you failed once? Here are some tips I used to re-try running that could be used for your career or business as well.


Assess what went wrong - Think about what happened from an independent perspective. Be honest with yourself about what could have led to the negative outcome and think about ways you could have caused a better outcome.

Decide if you want to try again - Sometimes it makes sense to re-do! You should think about all the reasons you wanted to do it before. Are they still valid and important to you today? 

Don't repeat your mistakes - Make sure you don't just do the same steps you took previously. If you do, you will likely get a similar outcome. Think about what you discovered when you were assessing what went wrong. How can you make changes to what you did previously?

So, why did I decide to give running another try? I figured out that the reason I fell was that I was pushing myself too hard. Now that I figured out what went wrong and I have the drive to give it another try, I am paying attention to how I feel. Instead of doing a weekly plan, I am paying attention to how I feel and will just slowly increase my run time to meet my goal. 

If you think you want to give something another try, overcome your fears. You can do it and make it a success!