Three Tips to Help You Find Your Focus

Over the weekend my daughter and I went to lunch with my parents at this cute rooftop bar/restaurant on the river in Fernandina Beach, FL. As we were sipping our drinks, waiting on oysters I was telling them about what I had going on. As I went on to tell them about my many, many ideas my dad chuckles because I am all over the place! I actually have focused down to three things, which is progress!

Self Realization

First we have to recognize that we are all over the place. For me, it was last weekend. I had so many ideas on how to grow my business, increase my work performance, and start a travel freelance writing side hustle that I was literally all over the place. I was spending all my time researching things and not actually making any progress towards any goals.

Set a focus (or three)

I am not one to focus on just one thing! You can probably tell this about me since I work a full time job in HR while also running this coaching business  :) One of my other passions is travel and I came across a cool site that shows you how to get started. What I found was that if I wanted to also look at travel writing, I would need to find a way to fit it in with what I am currently doing. I have narrowed down my focus to three goals and then give myself tasks weekly, with deadlines (using the Asana app) to make sure I am making progress.

Ignore distractions

You have to ignore things that are not on your focus list! This is so hard for me because I love researching new things. But I know if I don't stay focused I will not reach my goals. What I will do is make a note of the things I want to look into. Then once I have completed these goals, I can decide if I want to add something new into my focus list.

I hope these help you! Why don't you pick a focus for the month of April and maybe May? You could set some goals aligned to your focus and make some real progress. Feel free to share your focus below!