Positive mindset: You CAN do it!

Did you play any sports or participate in any activities like arts or dance? Inevitably you had that moment where you were having some issues and told your coach, teacher, or parent's "I can't do it!" This I'm sure caused the lecture on how you can't say can't (does that even make sense?!?).

Well here's the thing, they were onto something. I know, I know sometimes we really don't possess the skills necessary. Am I ever going to belt out a song as great as Adele? Um, no. I suck at singing! Within reason though, where our skills and desires match up we can achieve anything. If you are reading this as you are finishing school and you want to be a CEO of a technology firm, YOU CAN. If you have been in a job you hate for the past three years and you wan to make a change, guess what, YOU CAN. What if you have been a VP at a manufacturing company for 20 years and you want to leave it to start a bakery, YOU CAN.

Now I am not saying it will just be given to you. There will be preparation, research, and lots of hard work involved. You will need to set goals and keep yourself accountable. You may need to enlist a coach or invest in programs or further education to get there and keep you on task. There will be naysayers, non believers, and your own self doubt. You can work through it and you can reach your goals. Stay positive and stay the course. 

Others can be intimated or not understand it when people want to do something different or want something more out of life. That's ok, but don't let them get into your head. Surround yourself with people who think positively and believe in your dreams.  

The bottom line here is that ultimately if you can dream it then you can do it. The only person that can keep you from reaching your goals is yourself. Tell me about some of your goals for 2016 and how you are keeping a positive mindset.