Keep Your Drive Alive

As we are coming into the time of the year when bonuses and raises have been paid out, you are no doubt reviewing your current position. If you aren't doing that, you definitely should be! It is always a good idea to evaluate your position and think about it from a critical perspective. Are you excited to come to work each day? Do you enjoy what you are doing? Are you being challenged in your role or is it easy to you? Are you being paid what you think the job is worth or do you think you could make more money by making a move? You should consider all of these factors when reviewing your career and be brave enough to make a change if the answers to the questions are not what you want. 

Once you start to feel comfortable in your role, it is typically time to make a move. If you want to meet your potential and  meet your goals, you can't settle for the status quo. Regularly evaluate yourself and where you are in your position. Regularly look at job postings to see what is available, both in your company and outside. Sign up for training in your area or the area you want to work in. 

Above all, if you are unhappy with our role and the pay you are currently earning, stop blaming others. It is up to you to make the change and be paid what you are worth. So, take that initiative to get what you want and set some goals and put your plan in to practice today. Good luck!