Don't Stop Believing!

Yes I totally just quoted Journey there, my 12 year old daughter is obsessed with them! They have a perfect song though and one that can help us get to where we want to be. To get ahead in life and in your career, one of the most recurring themes I come across is to not give up on your goals. How do you do that with so many demands you have on a day to day basis? You have a full time job, maybe a family, friends, and perhaps even a side hustle you are working on. Even just finding a new job can seem like a feat that you just don't have the time for. So how do you stay motivated to continue moving forward with your career goals?



Focus on small goals

While it is important to have your long term goal identified, whether it is to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or to have your own successful company it can also be daunting to think of all that you have to do to get there. Start with the first step you need to make progress to your ultimate goal. Want to start a real estate business? Think about the next thing you need to do to move towards that. Do you need a real estate license? Or are you planning on buying property and using someone else to sell? Maybe you need to focus on your first acquisition price range and start a separate savings account to identify how much you will save each month? With each small goal completed, set a new goal to make another step towards your ultimate destination.

Learn from failure

There is no doubt that you will stumble along your journey and have various failures come your way. If you want to succeed, you have to suppress the desire to give up on your goal. Instead review what happened and learn from your mistake. What could you have done differently to produce a better result? What have you learned to never repeat? The worst thing you could do is make the same mistake again! Check out this article from Entrepreneur on how learning from failure makes you a better leader. One of my favorite podcasts is EO Fire because the host always asks "what is your worst entrepreneurial moment?". Everyone has missteps, but it is all about how you handle them and strengthen yourself along the way. 

Ignore the naysayers

Most people don't rise to meet their ultimate goals and instead settle for mediocrity. The reason they tend to do this, is that it is an easier path. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being content in a middle management position, but if you crave something else don't let the expectations of others deter your dreams. You may hear things like why do you keep working on your side business when you have such a great job? Or why would you move to that job for less money when you could take another job making more if you stayed on this track. Even once you explain your reasons, many will not understand your motivations. Don't let that deter from your goals and try to connect with people who hold a similar vision as yourself. That way you will have support and you can give support in return. These days there are so many resources and groups like this one from Screw the 9 to 5 for entrepreneurs.