Why fall could be the best time to find a new job

The air is cooling off and everyone is preparing for the holidays. People are taking time off work to spend with family and things tend to slow down. Don't do the same with your job search.

If you want a new job, don't slow down your efforts just because we are coming up to the end of the year. Sure, there are likely to be companies that slow down their efforts this time of year, but certainly not all of them. Here are five reasons to look for a job in the fall.

1. The job is needed

If a company is looking for someone this time of year then you can be confident that the role is really needed. Companies are trying to stay within budget for the year and if the role has made it through that process late in the year, there is a definite need. In an environment where layoffs are a regular occurrence, this is a nice reassurance.

During the interview you could inquire about working around holiday plans as well. Companies are very likely to be flexible with you starting in the middle of holiday season. Chances are they have been looking for the right person for awhile and maybe even had previous candidates back out. 

2. Quicker Hiring Decisions

Since the company is trying to get this role filled before the end of the year, they will likely get interviews in when everyone is in the office and make a decision more quickly than normal. Not only will this lead to a shorter turnaround time in the offer, it can also serve as a bargaining chip. Would you be walking away from a company bonus?

Make your offer contingent on a hiring bonus to make up for the money you would be getting from your current company. If workplace flexibility is important to you, ask for a pre-set work from home day or alternate schedule. Managers may be more willing to concede to get you onboard as soon as possible. 

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3. Stress Free Training

The holidays are typically slower with so many people taking vacation. This could be helpful to you as you are training because you will have less on your plate to start off with. You can really get in and get to know the new policies and procedures during this slower time of year.

Due to less people in the office, the colleagues training you will have more time to focus on your training. Instead of being an afterthought, you are a focus for them. If they have been without someone in the role for a long period, they will also be grateful that you will be trained prior to the new year. 

4. Faster Relationship Building

If you start a job during the holidays, you will have the opportunity to join in workplace festivities. There will be potlucks and Holiday parties that your department and company will throw and this is a great way to network.

People will be more at ease because of the slower time of year and the opportunity to get away from the office. In addition you will have more to talk about since you have holiday plans. Compare this to starting in say March when there is nothing to talk about but the weather! (Can you tell I hate small talk?)

5. Starting the Next Year Off Right

Begin a new job in the middle of the year can put you at a disadvantage when it comes to reviews and bonuses. If you start in November or December, you should be opted out of the 2017 rating period. Then you will be fully involved in the cycle for the next year. Your manager will give you objectives to work towards for the year and you will be eligible for a full bonus and year end increase. 

So keep that job search up if you want a new position! The job posting volume may be down, but likely so are the amount of applicants. Get out there and apply :) If you need help with your resume, try my resume template for a guide to help you make your resume stand out.