STEM is the Future for Great Careers

You have likely heard the term STEM in the news or maybe around campus. STEM refers to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math and seems to be the wave of the future. Think about it, pretty much everything we use on a daily basis requires one of these aspects.

The government has recognized this future wave and some states are taking action. Florida is considering allowing coding to be counted as a foreign language to help better prepare students for real world careers. (Miami Herald) Colorado is opening P-TECH (Pathways in Technology) schools which have a primary focus on STEM areas and are in line with the Obama administration's focus on technology. (Denver Business Journal) In Missouri, there is legislation to start focusing curriculum on STEM as early as middle school. (News Tribune)

All this focus on STEM in early education may help people destined for low paying jobs move into middle class. Some STEM careers only require certificates or Associates degrees, allowing prospective employees to move into higher paying careers. (The Baltimore Sun)

What do you think about STEM, is it a field you would consider?